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Personal Injury and Wrongful Death

Personal injury law covers any harm done to a person, whether due to negligence, an intentional or reckless act, or a defective product.

We recognize that it is impossible to fully compensate clients for the loss of a loved one. We also realize that we cannot restore a client’s physical or mental health when they have suffered a terrible injury. Yet, we believe that we have an obligation to obtain the highest compensation possible for our clients to help ease their injuries and losses. In some cases, we can also do more by getting a company to change a dangerous product, add a warning about a hazard, or change a harmful company policy.

We have earned an excellent reputation as go-to lawyers for individuals and families in a variety of serious injury and death cases. We have the ability and resources to go up against well funded wrongdoers who hire some of the largest and most expensive law firms to defend themselves. In many cases, the wrongdoers are represented by large insurance companies whose goal is to pay as little as possible to the injured and only then after significant delay. We are aware of the tactics used by wrongdoers and their insurance companies and we do what is necessary to timely and effectively represent our clients. It is our goal in every case to reach a resolution, either through trial or settlement, as quickly as possible.

Our personal injury experience includes cases involving:

  • 18 wheeler and trucking accidents
  • accidents from defective products
  • airplane and helicopter accidents
  • automobile defects
  • boating accidents
  • burn injuries
  • bus accidents
  • child safety seat design defects
  • collapsed scaffolding
  • construction accidents
  • construction equipment accidents
  • crane failures and collapses
  • cruise ship accidents
  • electrocutions and explosions
  • elevator malfunctions
  • farm equipment injuries
  • high pressure gas line ruptures and explosions
  • inadequate security
  • industrial accidents
  • industrial plant explosions
  • maritime accidents
  • mining accidents
  • natural gas explosions
  • off-road haul trucks
  • oil rig accidents
  • propane gas explosions
  • railroad crossing accidents
  • roof falls/collapses
  • spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries
  • tire failure accidents
  • travel trailer accidents
  • vehicle roll-over and roof crush accidents